The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is observed globally on December 3rd every year. Established by the United Nations, this day aims to promote the rights and well-being of people with disabilities and increase awareness of the challenges they face in various aspects of life.

The IDPD serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Promoting Inclusion: Advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities and their full participation in all aspects of society, including education, employment, and social activities.
  • Raising Awareness: Increasing public awareness and understanding of the issues faced by individuals with disabilities, promoting a more inclusive and accessible society.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Recognizing the achievements and contributions of people with disabilities in various fields, from sports and arts to education and employment.
  • Advocating for Accessibility: Emphasizing the need for accessible infrastructure, services, and policies to support the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Each year, the IDPD focuses on a specific theme to guide the global conversation and actions related to disability rights and inclusion.

The day provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, governments, and communities to come together to promote the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities and to work towards a more inclusive society that ensures equal opportunities and access for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

International Day of People with a Disability