Basic Web, Mobile, & Computer Skills

Basic Web Mobile & Computer Skills training allows community members under the age of 55 to acquire all the computer skills they need to enhance life and gain confidence using their technology. It can also help you to understand more about your own device and some everyday internet terminology.
Time: Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm, by appointment.
Phone 6684 1286.


Web Skills might include:

  • Internet – pay bills, shop online, research hobbies, find recipes
  • Social media – unlock the mystery of Facebook and Twitter
  • Skype – talk face-to-face to loved ones living afar
  • Email – write a “letter” that is delivered instantly
  • Transferring photos from camera/phone to a storage device – learn how to manage numerous photos

Computer Skills might include:

  • Knowing what you have
  • Helpful words to understand
  • Using a Windows Computer
  • Using a Mac Computer
  • Starting up a computer and turning it off
  • Using a mouse
  • Using a Keyboard
  • Word processing – type a neat document

Tablet Ipad & Mobile Skills might include:

  • Operating an Android/Ipad Tablet
  • Starting and turning them off
  • Working with an Android/Apple Ipad
  • Using their Keyboards
  • Control and apps eg. email, camera, photo gallery
  • Using Gmail on Android/Ipad
  • Android/Ipad settings
  • Google Play Store
  • Operating your smartphone
  • downloading apps
  • Settings
  • Email to my phone

Cost: Basic Web Computer & Mobile Skills Training is free; however, donations to the Neighbourhood Centre are tax deductable and appreciated.

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