Who We Are

The Mullumbimby and District Neighbourhood Centre Inc (MDNC) is a locally based, community managed organisation that listens to its communities and works with them to deliver services to meet community needs as well as build individual and community capacity.

MDNC has tax-deductible Gift Recipient Status and is endorsed by the ATO as an Income TaxExempt Charity. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

The MDNC provides access to a diversity of funded and unfunded services and programs including but not limited to Community Support/Emergency Relief, parenting support, specialist domestic violence services, support for homeless, financial counselling, Food Recovery programs, community meals and social inclusion activities.

Many of the unfunded social inclusion activities, the work of the community meal (More Than a Meal) and Food Recovery enable soft access entry points for vulnerable community members to access additional supports and life changing opportunities.

Our Mission

MDNC is a locally based, community managed organisation that listens to its communities
and works with them to deliver services that meet community needs as well as build individual and community capacity.

We provide opportunities for community members to participate and contribute to the development of inclusive, strong, and connected communities. We strive to address social and economic disadvantage by implementing local strategies. Our work is underpinned by the recognition that being socially connected improves people’s wellbeing.

Our Values

CHOICE: supporting people to make informed choices.

CONNECTION: valuing people as community members.

DIGNITY: treating people with dignity, respect and confidentiality.

DIVERSITY: providing culturally appropriate engagement where strengths, capabilities and diversity are acknowledged and valued.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: working to enable safe, fair and equitable access to services for everyone in
our communities.

Aims & Objectives

  • To maintain a comprehensive range of information, to be an access point in the community for clients to gain information, support, advocacy and referral.
  • To provide a large range of services to disadvantaged members of the Community.
  • To determine the needs of disadvantaged clients within the local community and implement Programs, Services and Projects to meet those needs.
  • To liaise with other services, agencies, organisations and Government departments to gain support and services for disadvantaged members of the community.
  • To provide general support to other community services and departments within the wider community to assist them to reach their aims and objectives.
  • To refer people needing assistance to the most appropriate service and assist through advocacy where necessary for clients to gain access to these resources and services.
  • To cooperate closely with social and community organisations and departments with a view to provide a coordinated approach to use and the utilisation of available resources.
  • To engage in and cooperate with community education programs and to promote public awareness and knowledge of community services, needs, resources, and civil rights to the wider community.

Management Committee


Sue Cramer

Vice President

Helen Standford


Tracey Buss


Stephen Pope

Ordinary Member

Maree Eddings

Ordinary Member

Ann Slogrove

Human Resources Team

Manager: Julie Williams
Staff Team: Leseera Kai, Katie Tweedie, Kim Shelley, Rennae Hyland, Ambyr Johnson, Melinda Williams, Kate Jackson, Anne Connolly, Karin Worthington,Sylvia Amoding, Jackie Constant, Mary Peter, Alysha Lawley, Silvia Esquiu, Helen Selleck, Tracey Donnelly, Karpagam Subramani, Racheal Lane, Courtney Franz, Sally Murray-Noone, Jackie Jones, Kyah Tindell, Brett Budd, Kate Horsley, Blaize Van Niekerk, Tina Finn, Bria Sydney, Chantel Thompson-Steen, Nicola Waugh
Volunteers: Greg, Suzie, Bruno, Karen, Jill, Loretta, Patricia, Geoff, Wayne, Phil, Jane, Susan, Aaron, Lynne, Bronwyn, Lisa, Joanne, Paul, Nadyne, Wendy, Carol, Beverly, Roma, Janice, Pamela, Emma, Theresa, Elaine, Annet, Virginia, Mary, Rebecca, Hanna, Lalita and Conrad

Connect with us

UN Sustainable Development Goals and Neighbourhood Centres

The United Nations globally, and in Australia, has committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Local Community Services Association (LCSA), the Peak Body for Neighbourhood and Community Centres, is encouraging members to recognise where they already contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
The MDNC recognises the role it plays in contributing to the SDGs at a local level. Every action matter, every strategy counts and is valuable. For a full list of SDGs, go to sdgs.un.org/

UN Sustainable Development Goal

  • Zero Hunger – end hunger
  • Improve food security
  • Improved nutrition

MDNC contribution

  • Food recovery
  • More than a Meal
  • Emergency Relief
  • Gulganii

UN Sustainable Development Goal

  • Good Health
  • Wellbeing

MDNC contribution

  • Social inclusion
  • More than a Meal
  • Community participation through volunteering

UN Sustainable Development Goal

  • Gender Equality

MDNC contribution

  • Staying Home Leaving Violenc
  • Integrated Domestic & Family Violence

UN Sustainable Development Goal

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

MDNC contribution

  • Food Recovery
  • MDNC recycling strategies.