About Healthy Lunchbox Week

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Healthy Lunchbox Week is an initiative of Nutrition Australia that aims to inspire Australian families to create healthy and enjoyable lunchboxes.

Did you know children consume around 30% of their daily food intake at school? Most of this comes from the contents of their lunchbox. What children eat during their day at school plays a crucial role in their learning and development.

Healthy Lunchbox Week helps families prepare healthy lunchboxes by:

inspiring healthy lunchbox ideas and recipes

informing a healthy lunchbox balance across core food groups

awareness of lunchbox food hygiene and safety.

Why 4 – 10 February?

Occurring at the start of Term 1, Healthy Lunchbox Week provides timely information for families as they return to the routine of daily lunchbox packing. It also supports schools and teachers to share healthy lunchbox messages within their school community.

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