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Experiential Art Therapy – Free sessions with Sally

Bookings are essential, through the Front Desk at MDNC, in person, or phoning 66841286

What is Art Therapy?
Experiential art-based therapy creates an opportunity to explore and express ourselves
in our own way. We can ‘get out of heads’ and discover new perspectives on whatever challenges we may have. Art Therapy is a playful and expressive modality. ‘It does not matter how one draws’.
It is the expression of thoughts and feelings that is important. It is a non-verbal therapy in which you are invited to step out of the story and into the observer role to
look from a distance within.Experiential Art Therapy takes many forms and you don’t need to be ‘artistic’ to enjoy this type of exploration. Non-judgement is key .. you don’t even need to talk about your issue or situation if you don’t want to. While I am happy to listen, I can also guide you to discover your own insights without knowing anything about you. ‘I believe that we are our own healers, and that the answers or healing balm arrives when the soul is allowed the space to be heard and held’.
Sally is a graduating Art Therapy Student with IKON INSTITUTE doing her placement at MDNC and is available for 60 minute CONFIDENTIAL sessions Wednesdays between 10am and 3.15pm.

This service is FREE of charge.

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