World Elephant Day is an annual international campaign to bring people together to help elephants.

World Elephant Society is the nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity organization (EIN 47-5675923) that helps support the annual World Elephant Day campaign, website, and events.

Your donations will help us to keep the annual World Elephant Day campaign, events, and website growing, and help us continue to be a collective voice speaking out on behalf of elephants.

World Elephant Day on August 12 of every year is the official day of celebration of the world’s elephants. Beginning in 2012, we have spearheaded international media outreach about the elephants and their imperilled plight. Through this outreach to the public and in conjunction with other elephant conservation organizations we have amplified our reach exponentially for increased impact on the elephants’ behalf, year after year. We are happy to celebrate World Elephant Day with the global public  and information on the World Elephant Day website may be used free of charge, with the exception of the World Elephant Day logos, which are registered trademarks.

The use of the World Elephant Day trademarked logos without written permission constitutes a violation of copyright. All organizations or individuals who wish to use the World Elephant Day logos should contact us directly at:

The World Elephant Day website is designed, managed and maintained by Canazwest Pictures, a Canadian-based film and digital media production company.  Your donations also help us to support this work.

The year-round work of World Elephant Society includes the on-going educational outreach and creation of educational materials and media, such as the World Elephant Day website, books, documentaries, music,  to inform the public about the plight of African and Asian elephants.  Your contributions will also help us to research the care and management of elephants working in tourism to help better educate tourists interested in visiting these establishments. Our goal is to ensure safe and ethical elephant tourism by providing education on how these elephant tourist camps are run, and how the elephants are cared for so people can make better decisions on which establishments to visit and support.

Thank you for supporting World Elephant Day!