World Book Day is a global event celebrated annually on April 23rd (though in some countries, it may be observed on other dates). The primary aim of World Book Day is to promote reading, publishing, and copyright, and to celebrate the joy of books and the written word.

World Book Day has its origins in Catalonia, Spain, where on April 23rd, people traditionally exchange books and roses to commemorate the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, both of whom died on that date in 1616. In 1995, UNESCO adopted April 23rd as World Book Day to pay tribute to books and authors worldwide.

On World Book Day, various activities and events are organized to encourage reading and literacy, particularly among children and young people. These activities may include:

Book Fairs: Schools, libraries, and bookstores often host book fairs where people can discover new books, meet authors, and purchase or exchange books.

Reading Challenges: Reading challenges and competitions are organized to motivate people to read more books and explore different genres.

Author Visits: Authors may visit schools, libraries, and community centers to conduct readings, workshops, and book signings, inspiring readers and aspiring writers alike.

Book Donations: Book donation drives and initiatives are organized to provide books to underserved communities and promote access to literature for all.

Literary Events: Literary festivals, book launches, panel discussions, and storytelling sessions celebrate the written word and encourage dialogue about literature and culture.

Dress-Up Days: In some schools and communities, children and adults dress up as their favorite book characters to celebrate World Book Day and express their love for reading.

Digital Campaigns: Social media campaigns, hashtags, and online initiatives promote World Book Day and encourage people to share their favorite books, reading experiences, and literary recommendations.

World Book Day serves as a reminder of the importance of reading in education, personal development, and cultural enrichment. By celebrating books and encouraging reading, World Book Day aims to foster a lifelong love of literature and promote literacy as a fundamental human right.