World Autism Day, observed on April 2nd each year, is dedicated to raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and promoting acceptance and inclusion of individuals with autism throughout the world. This day serves as an opportunity to increase understanding of autism, advocate for the rights of individuals with autism, and celebrate the unique talents and contributions of people on the autism spectrum.

Various activities and events are organized globally to mark World Autism Day, including educational seminars, fundraising campaigns, community gatherings, and social media initiatives. The iconic symbol of World Autism Day is the blue puzzle piece, which represents the complexity and diversity of autism spectrum disorder.

The ultimate goal of World Autism Day is to foster a more inclusive society where individuals with autism are respected, valued, and provided with the support they need to reach their full potential. By promoting awareness and understanding, World Autism Day plays a crucial role in building a more compassionate and inclusive world for individuals with autism and their families.