The holiday season brings a myriad of catalogues and gift guides selling kids’ toys. Many toy retailers use gendered marketing which influences children and consumers alike, by sending strong messages about the appropriateness of their choices. Colour codes, labels and imagery all have a narrowing effect on our children’s perspectives. Gendered marketing informs children’s feelings about whether it’s socially acceptable to show interest in a toy. Some take this “knowledge” into the playground, where they quickly chastise any child who demonstrates an interest in the “wrong” colour or toy for their gender. Children also may be learning not to show interest in certain toys for fear of being teased. Corporations’ interests lie in making money, not in childhood development. Don’t let them dictate your child’s interests, skills, perspectives… their future. It’s time to bring gender equality to the world of toys and children. Let’s create opportunities for kids to develop a broad range of skills, support them in discovering a whole rainbow of colours, encourage them to learn about themselves and each other, free from the limitations of gender stereotypes. We’re raising individuals. Not gender stereotypes. Read More about No Gender December