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We would like to welcome Linda Kronich to our team of expert practitioners offering baby massage services to the community.
Linda has an extensive background in social work including adult and infant mental health and is an accredited infant massage instructor with Infant Massage Australia.

Linda is a bubbly and engaging facilitator who has a passion for sharing the wisdom of traditional massage together with the knowledge of modern research. In this way, Linda allows parents and caregivers to incorporate this understanding into daily parenting routines, creating strong bonds and foundations of trust for babies’ future relationships.

The baby massage course is a weekly program run on Fridays for one and a half hours available to parents of newborns, ante-natal couples, grandparents and carers. Linda will run these courses continuously throughout the year as space is limited to seven babies per program. Bookings are essential.

Feedback from Baby Massage Session Participants

“I feel closer during massage. We communicate more clearly with each other. I feel happy when I see my daughter smiling as she does during massage.” Meredith

“Jack was much more relaxed and I felt I was able to judge his mood more easily. I learned to look at the visual cues he was giving.” Sarah

“Massage increased our special time together and made me more in tune with my baby’s body language, strengthening the importance of touch.” Rita

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Preterm Baby Massage Therapy Research: A Review

Massage is good for premature babies.
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Premature babies put on more weight when they’re massaged (up to 47%) and they can leave hospital earlier. In studies on passive movement of the limbs, preterm infants also gained significantly more weight, and their bone density also increased.

Baby Massage in the NICU

Premature baby massage in the NICU: Expanding research in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has documented the short-term advantages of gentle touch and massage for healthy term infants and for some growing and medically stable pre-term newborns. Parent of preemies gain confidence and greater security in their handling skills through healing loving touch.

Significant Evidence-Based Research Findings of Baby Massage

  • Supports parent-infant interaction
  • Facilitates weight gain in preterm infants
  • Lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Improves sleep and awake patterns
  • Shortens lengths of stay in hospitals
  • Improves cognitive an motor development at eight months of age
  • Infant massage is an inexpensive tool
  • Can be used as part of the developmental care plan of preterm infants
  • Recent research shows there are significant benefits to infant massage that out weigh over stimulation.
  • Properly applied techniques produce increased benefits, such as improved developmental scores and earlier discharge.

The Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida has been the leader in examining the benefits of infant massage with the premature infants to the well baby.
Read more at lovingtouch.com