Folkdancing and Origami

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We would like to welcome everyone to folk dancing and origami on Friday mornings at 10.30am for an hour.
Kappu is from South India and draws from many different traditions for her dance.

Have some fun and fold an origami crane to help us reach our goal of one thousand cranes.

The Japanese word, “origami” is a combination of two words in Japanese: “ori” which means “to fold” and “kami” which means “paper”. It is believed that Japanese origami began in the 6th century and because of the high costs of paper, origami was only used for religious ceremonial purposes.

In Japan, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. As a result, in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture, the crane represents good fortune and longevity. The Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness”. The wings of the crane were believed to carry souls up to paradise. Mothers who pray for the protection of the crane’s wings for their children will recite the prayer:

“O flock of heavenly cranes
cover my child with your wings.”

Covid Safe protocols will be used – safe distance hand washing etc

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